Maureen Ault

create art using floral and other botanical materials. Each piece is made lovingly by hand and no two are alike. 

I began making Note Cards using pressed flowers and other botanicals as part of my journey in living with an Acquired Brain Injury. My creativity took hold and I wanted to create art pieces themselves. Over time I have made truly original pieces of art - pieces from the simple to the complex. I hope you enjoy my art and share in my whimsy.

All proceeds from these sales go towards offsetting the $30,000 cost of my Service Dog Toby. This represents initial costs of temperament testing puppies, purchase of a puppy, and approximately 18 months of intense training. Other costs include ongoing training and equipment. Veterinary care and insurance are ongoing costs not included in the $30,000. We appreciate your support.

What I Do

I often begin with an idea - whether it is traditional arrangements or images on paper. I then select the flowers, leaves, or other botanicals that I will use to create the finished piece. All have been made lovingly by hand, piece by piece, flower by flower or petal by petal. No two are alike. 

Images of ladies in fancy gowns, ballet dancers, fancy dancers, animal silhouettes, and everyday people in everyday scenes all come alive through layers of pressed petals or leaves. The image on the right demonstrates how the layering of petals creates dimension and movement. 

The use of pressed or dried floral and botanical materials ensure that each piece creates a permanent image to be enjoyed when not exposed to moisture or chemicals. I use either a paper that has a high cotton fibre or a heavyweight watercolour paper. Each piece is presented under glass in frames that compliment. 

I hope you enjoy my art whether it is simple or complex. Please contact me for information regarding sales of Original Art and Prints.

I use florals and other botanicals because life is rooted in nature

Maureen Ault - Artist