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Maureen Ault

I am an emerging artist who uses real pressed botanical materials to create beautiful pieces of art. I am pictured here with my Service Dog, Toby who is a constant companion and an important asset to my everyday life. All of my artwork has his paw print of approval.

I was first introduced to the use of pressed flowers in traditional pressed art design while completing the latter stage of my formal rehabilitation for an Acquired Brain Injury. From this came an exploration of how to use pressed botanical materials to create works of art. My artwork has become a critical way to continue my rehabilitation and to reconnect with my passion for art as an artist. I am inspired by the simplicity and folk art of Maud E. Lewis and Grandma Moses. 

My collection includes images of ballet dancers, everyday life, landscapes and wildlife. It reflects themes of movement, and texture with an eye to detail.

Each piece of botanical material (i.e., petals, leaves, grasses, ferns, bark) is layered onto archival paper using a tiny drop of glue. After much layering I am left with the finished artwork. One of the challenges I face using this medium is its limited palette since I do not add colouring to these materials. By sorting my materials for variations in colour, I can create shading, depth and detail. Another challenge I face is how to create a lifelike image using a very flat medium. I use the layering technique to lift the image off the paper, create depth and perspective. In addition to the main subject of my artwork, I am now creating in-depth background landscapes to place wildlife in their natural habitat. 

All of my artwork is framed under UV glass. The use of pressed or dried floral and botanical materials ensures that each piece creates a permanent image to be enjoyed as long as it is protected from moisture, chemicals and strong sunlight. 


Ontario Arts Council - Deaf and Disability Art Projects, 2021-23


December 2020: 10C Community Space, Guelph - Guelph Arts Council

December 2020: Big Smalls Online Show - Artists Network, Toronto

"I use pressed botanicals because life is rooted in nature".